Dr. Brad Esplin, a Veterinarian at Red Hills Animal Hospital, works hard to provide the best care possible for pets who are a part of the family.

Brad Esplin | Doesn’t Matter if it Slithers, Flies, or Barks, it’s Family

He’s been called on to help ferrets, skunks, and even a tarantula with a broken leg. Caring for a variety of animals is just another day for Dr. Brad Esplin, a Veterinarian at Red Hills Animal Hospital. Brad does everything he can to take care of people’s pets that, in most cases, are actually more like family.

“For many people, their pet is an important part of their life,” Brad said. “It is very rewarding to be able to care for an important part of their family.”

Providing that care as a veterinarian has some unique challenges. Brad needs to know the anatomy and physiology of several different species in order to diagnose and treat them. Brad said he uses several resources to learn and stay updated on the best practices for all the different species.

“I very often refer to my books with exotic animals,” Brad said. “And I’m on the phone generally once a day with an internist asking questions so I can get a second opinion on a direction I’m heading as far as treatment.”

Brad attributes the success of the animal hospital to an effective working relationship with his business partner, Dr. Scott Hanning.

“It’s nice to have both of us here so we can complement each other,” Brad said. “We consult daily on cases we are working on.”

These daily efforts Brad makes to help and care for close family members of pet owners comes from his own personal love for family. Brad and his wife Bizzy have eight children of their own who range in age from 18 to three years old.

“My number one priority is my family,” Brad said. “I love what I do as a professional, but I also love spending time with my family.”

As Brad and Bizzy were looking to grow their young family, they decided adoption was right for them. Six of their eight children were adopted through the foster care program.

“We felt like we had more to give and we love children,” Brad said. “We wanted to open our home because we had the time, the resources, the love, and the desire to have more children.”

Brad said he and Bizzy knew of the potential challenges that come with adopting from the foster care program, but also knew there would always be challenges with children, adopted or biological.

“As parents, we are all learning,” Brad said. “None of us are perfect but we do the best we can. We love our children and try to provide the best environment possible for them, whether they are adopted or biological, so they can reach their full potential.”

Many of the pet owners Brad meets daily see their pets as close family. As a loving father and husband, Brad reaches out to care for them because he knows firsthand the importance of family.