Brett Whittier | Bid on Building Friendships

Every Thursday morning the corrals behind the Cedar Livestock Auction building are filled with horses whinnying, goats bleating, and cattle lowing. In the small indoor arena, a diverse crowd gathers. Cowboy hats and baseball caps dot the bleachers.

The auction’s owner, Brett Whittier, leans against a fence to chat with some local ranchers. Families and individuals come from Southern Utah, Arizona, and Nevada to sell, buy, and watch.

Bret moved with his family from Cache Valley to buy Cedar Livestock Auction in the 1980s. He says the auction is an important social event. Often, Bret sees the same faces in the crowd each Thursday.

The auction is more than just a livestock sale. It is a community tradition.

It’s the people of Southern Utah that make Bret’s job worthwhile. “The auction brings a unique combination of people,” he remarked with a smile.