Brian Musso | A Giving Leader

With the eager eyes of a volunteer who’s given hundreds of selfless hours of his time, Brian Musso explains how he and his wife always gave Christmas to a family in need until one fateful year. That was the same year Brian was introduced to Coins for Kids 17 years ago.

“I had just started a job,” Brian expanded. “Funds were really tight and we didn’t have any money to fund a family. We made the mistake of shopping at Walmart the same night that Coins for Kids was shopping for families. It was like Black Friday shopping except everyone had smiles on their faces and they were having fun.”

Brian said he and his wife asked if they could shop for a family as well. Unfortunately they were all out of families to shop for, but that didn’t discourage Brian and his wife. They were told more volunteers would be wrapping the presents the next day. Brian eagerly agreed to help.

“The next day I went over on my lunch break and wrapped presents for an hour,” Brain said. “I went back to work, but I couldn’t concentrate. So I went back over. I called my wife and we wrapped presents until about 10:30 that night. The next day, I grabbed my kids and went out as a Santa and delivered to a number of families and had a wonderful experience. From that point on I was hooked.”

Brian Musso has been the chairman for Kony Coins for Kids for the past 10 years. Originally started by KONY radio 26 years ago, Coins for Kids helps underprivileged children receive presents for Christmas and also provides service opportunities for members of the community. The first year, they were able to help 4 or 5 families. In 2009 they helped over 900 families and 2,700 kids.

Brian believes the essence of Christmas is giving. In order to give, someone has to receive.

“Every child should have something under the tree on Christmas,” Brian added. “It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it should be something.”

Every year they have to start from zero and raise $125,000. Every year it gets more difficult.

“I hope that people continue to give,” Brian said. “That people realize that we are good stewards of that money. That we don’t waste it.”

In this community, Brian is encouraged by the circle effect Coins for Kids has on this community.
“It’s surprising how many people that we help, come back to volunteer,” Brian concluded. “They are now paying back that which we provided for them.”