Bryce Frei | Carrying on His Parents’ Legacy

When Bryce Frei’s parents opened a fruit stand in Santa Clara in 1956, they little imagined how their stand would grow into a Southern Utah landmark.

Long after other side-of-the-road fruit stands have become mere memories, Frei’s Fruit Market continues to attract customers across Southern Utah.

Bryce believes the honesty and hard work of his parents created a thriving environment for the fruit stand. “My mom was the most honest person you would ever meet,” Bryce said with a touch of feeling. “She would never sell something that wasn’t good.”

Bryce strives to carry on her legacy of honesty, quality, and hard work. He rises early to pick produce before the stand opens each day. Bryce starts his day by 4:00 a.m. to do bookwork, but by 6:00 a.m. Bryce is in the garden or orchard. Some of the produce is purchased from growers out of state, but much is grown by Bryce’s own efforts in his local garden and orchard.