Dale Evans | A Cut Above the Rest

Dale Evans grew up as a tough farm boy in the Richfield area. He had a neighbor who owned a salon who he would tease relentlessly.

When Dale graduated high school, however, he received a scholarship to a cosmetology school in Salt lake City. Since his parents couldn’t afford to send him to a four-year college, it was a recipe, Dale noted, for the teasing to turn it’s head on him.

“Being a farm boy I was really embarrassed,” Dale laughed. “My peers laughed at me and my friends. They had all sorts of fun with that.”

Dale met his wife at the school and they both moved back to Richfield and started working in various salons. They even started their own salon in the backroom of the old Johnson Hotel. After some time, Dale helped in the creation of a cosmetology school that would eventually transform into Snow College South. Ready again for another challenge, Dale made the move and bought a cosmetology school in Cedar City.

“I decided to branch out on my own,” Dale said.

They renamed the cosmetology school in 1974 to Evans’ Hairstyling College and started with only 12 students. Now, the college has expanded into four total locations: Cedar City, St. George, Lindon, and Rexburg Idaho with around 150 students. Although after retiring in 2006, Dale still visits the satellite locations at least once every month.

Dale is really supportive of having a cosmetology education as an option for people in the community. He made sure his school taught his students more than just cutting hair.

“Our kids go to school from eight o’clock in the morning until five at night,” Dale said. “They learn anatomy [and] physiology…to learn the features and what looks good on a person. As well as chemistry. You’re dealing with perms. You’re dealing with colors. You’re dealing with all kinds of chemicals.”

Along with their styling skills students also learn basic business practices for the industry and good people skills. It’s an all encompassing package for cosmetology success.

Basing the school in Southern Utah has also had a great impact on the success of the school.

“I love the area because it is family oriented,” Dale said. “I had six children when I moved here and everything is built around the family. What a great place to start a business. You get to know the families and you got to know the people…Southern Utah has just been great to us. It’s been awesome.”

Dale said he was happy he can provide an education and career options that students can take with them wherever life leads them.

Dale remarks that his biggest joy of all is knowing that he’d made it. It was a hard journey building this business but he’s proud at the amount that it’s grown and that his children have taken on managing three of the four locations. He also loves to see the legacy of his students in the community.

“No matter where I go, students I’ve trained maybe 40 years ago come up and visit with me and tell me about their experiences,” Dale said smiling. “That’s the biggest joy you can have right there.”