Jay Lane | Healing Through Horses

In July of 2000, Jay Lane’s wife passed away unexpectedly. At the time, he had seven and 10-year-old daughters. It was a trying time for him as well as his girls.

“When my wife died, I really didn’t understand little girls at all,” Jay said. “Suddenly, I was a dad with two little girls.”

For Christmas that year, Jay knew it was going to be a terrible holiday for his daughters. Their first year without their mom. They had been asking for horses, and Jay who had grown up riding horses, decided to get some for his girls that year.

“I had taken my oldest daughter to a therapist a few times to make sure she was OK,” Jay recalls. “She wouldn’t even talk to them. Wouldn’t tell them her name or anything. When we got the horses, it just worked for my family on so many levels. My daughter would talk to her horse. Tell it her problems, and I was working with my horse 10 feet away, so I could hear what she was saying. I began to understand what she was saying”

Jay recalled that it was probably the most effective thing he has done for his girls. He’s begun to understand them and it’s a way to let them know that he loves them.

That is how Jay became interested in Equine Assisted Therapy.

“Horses are consistent,” Jay explains. “They feed off of a kid’s emotion, but the horse is always the same based upon the interaction with the kid,” Jay explains.

Despite the impact Jay has had on countless individuals, Jay never claims he’s a therapist.

“I’m just a facilitator,” Jay points out. “I’m there to point things out and let the kids figure things out.”

Jay prefers horses for therapy because of their unique ability to bond with people, and to be able to feel and understand people’s emotions.

“Horses are just so much like people, and that makes it fun. So much fun,” Jay concludes.