Kent Garrett | A Killer Baseball Coach

The name Kent Garrett is synonymous with youth baseball in Southern Utah. For over 30 years Kent has coached youth, and also worked personally caretaking for every field in St. George. At one time he even eradicated an infestation of gophers, garnering him the name Coach Killer.

For Kent, baseball is more than just a game it’s a lifestyle. It’s the smell of the fresh cut grass and the sunflower seeds crunching underfoot in the bleachers. His pride shows as he sits on the Dixie high diamond, and recalls the countless moments helping young men find their way around the bases. Kent believes sports are a way to teach youth life lessons.

“Unfortunately as parents and as coaches sometimes we tell the kids that the most important thing is they’re going to be a first round draft pick,” said Kent. “But I think the relationships the kids establish with each other, with their coaches are invaluable.”

Kent said his one claim to fame is his time coaching former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bruce Hurst, but he also said he values the hundreds of others he’s coached in Southern Utah just as much. For him, the support received from the community is evidence of just how much baseball means to Southern Utah.