Ron & Lark on their wedding day, June 26th, 1971

Lark Taylor | A Return To Family Roots

Lark Taylor is very proud of her family heritage. She learned to bake from her mother, so it seemed only fitting that she share those recipes with the community under a family name.

Lark opened Grandma Tobler’s Bakery in 2003 to honor her mother, but she gave it the name Tobler after her maternal grandmother. She said family is where she draws her strength, so she keeps them close.

“I put the pictures of my parents all along the walls, and everywhere you can see my parents,” said Lark.

She was born in St. George, but lived most of her life in Henderson, Nevada. That’s where she met her husband, Ron.

The family moved back to St. George in 2000 after growing tired of the traffic of the Las Vegas area. Lark said she wanted to come back to where her mother lived. When she first mentioned the idea to Ron he wasn’t too excited, but by the next day he was on board.

“I said, ‘you’ll have to quit your job,’” Lark said of the conversation they had. “At first he said, ‘I don’t really want to move.’ Then the next day he rode to work in Vegas one more time and he came home and said, ‘lets move.’”

Ron also fully supported Lark’s decision to move home and then a few years later, opened the bakery. In fact, he still supports her, often making deliveries and helping Lark in the kitchen. She said everything she does is for her family.

“Families are the most central thing that needs to survive in order for the world to survive,” said Lark.

Beyond her family, Lark loves to bake and she loves people. The sweet smells fill her shop, and she greets many of her customers by name. Her laugh is recognizable, and her smile contagious.

It’s a legacy she’s passing on to her posterity. Lark is often found in the kitchen, with white-floured hands, showing her grandkids how to make those family recipes.

“Keep those recipes, those sayings, and all those family traditions alive in your family,” Lark said. “It’s important.”