Mike Jensen | Shave And A Haircut And Much More

Just stepping into Mike’s Barber & Beauty Shop gives you the feeling that you’ve travelled back in time a few decades. A neat row of barber chairs greets you. In the original portion of the building, which dates back almost 100 years is a beauty shop. There is a constant patter of conversation, hum of clippers and the chirp of scissors snipping away and shaping hair styles.

Mike began barbering 25-years-ago at his current location on Telegraph Road in Washington.

“When I started, Telegraph wasn’t as busy as it is now,” Mike recalls. “Back then, I was working at a dairy in Salt Lake. I heard of the opportunity here in St. George. My wife and I always wanted to retire here. We thought that instead of retiring, let’s go now.”

Since then, Mike has become the owner of the shop. He purchased it not long after moving here.

“I say I just go to work and talk to people all day. It’s been a great experience,” Mike said. “Now I see kids that I gave them their first haircut. Now they are bringing their own kids in for their first haircut.”

In a very literal sense, walking into Mike’s Barber and Beauty Shop is a step back a few decades. Some customers have been coming in for that long. Others have been visiting the shop just like their parents did.

There’s still lingering traces of a time when the barbershop was the hub and outlet for the latest town talk, opinions on politics, news stories, and gossip. Most often you will find an engaging conversation going on between the barbers, customers in the chairs and people waiting for their turn. Exactly how you would have seen it 30, 40 or 50 years ago.

With a twinkle in his eye, Mike jokes, “If the governments would just listen to the barber shops, we could solve all of their problems.”