Ron Jensen | It’s All for the Kids

In the pale morning light, Ron Jensen drives his pickup truck to a dirt trailhead with his teenage sons. Bikes are loaded on racks in the pickup. Other equipment is placed on seats.

At the trailhead, he is met by a group of teenage bikers and coaches, ready for the day’s practice.

When his son was in ninth grade, Ron organized the Flying Monkeys, a mountain biking team for high school kids.

“We have a wide range of kids that are involved in this program,” Ron said. “We’ve got kids that have grown up on mountain bikes, that have raced mountain bikes before. Then we have the kids who have never ridden a bike on a trail before.”

Ron is impressed with the dedication of the riders – no matter their amount of previous experience. Four days each week during the summer, they get out of bed at 5:30 to arrive at practice on time.

He is equally impressed with the support he has received from parents, coaches, and the Southern Utah community.

“I think this community has been waiting for something like this. We are a mountain biking community,” Ron said.