Tia Stokes | Her Success Isn’t Fame

When Tia Stokes began dancing as a 10-year-old girl, she little imagined that her talent would someday lead her to create a charitable dance team in St. George.

In her teen years, Tia experienced an incredible amount of success as a dancer. Her first professional dance job was for Beyoncé Knowles. Later, Brittney Spears’ father, Jamie, offered her a contract. Rather than signing it, Tia decided to return to St. George at the age of 20. Tia recalls, “That year I committed myself to the Lord. I said, ‘Whatever You want me to do, I’ll do it.’”

She said her faith in the Lord inspired her to start Kalamity, an adult hip-hop dance team. Tia wanted her team to promote something good, and soon began finding charitable causes in Southern Utah.

The proceeds of Kalamity’s first concert were donated to a dancer who had been diagnosed with cancer. Since that time, Tia has found a new cause each year.

Tia’s slogan, “Dance for a cause, not for applause,” underscores all her work. “All our Kalamity dancers have one purpose: dance and service,” she said.