TJ & Blake Bowler | Brothers Catching a Championship

The well-loved leather of Blake Bowler’s saddle squeaked as he tensed in his seat. He leaned forward slightly, gathering the reins in his hands anticipating the signal to go. His brother TJ in a similar stance next to him.

The buzzer sounded and a small calf was released. Their horses took off at a dead sprint, running up next to the calf. Blake threw his lasso out and caught the calf’s horns in a split second. TJ, standing up in his saddle, his rope circling above threw it at the calf’s feet and wrapped them pulling tight and stopping it dead in it’s tracks.

9.32 seconds. They’d won.

TJ and Blake are sixth generation ranchers from Enterprise and can now add 2015 National Junior Rodeo Champions next to that title. They are the first team from Utah to have won the team roping competition. A title previously dominated by teams from Texas.

The brother’s are extremely dedicated to constantly improving in roping and evenings are often dominated by practice. Both brothers have been roping since before they can remember.

“We practice five or six days a week,” TJ said. “But the mental part’s really hard.”

Although they are teammates, their dad Bret Bowler said roping together has brought the family closer as a unit. He also hopes that it teaches them something more than merely great horsemanship.

“We hope that it teaches them dedication, hard work, and sacrifice,” Bret said.