Tom and Alison are avid world travelers. More recently they are on a mission in Chile.

Tom & Alison McArthur | Diamonds In The Desert


When you first meet Tom and Alison McArthur, “world travelers” is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Smartly dressed in a suit, starched white shirt peeking out beneath a black tie, Tom explains how St. George was a very different place when he and Alison met.

Tom grew up where the Jeffrey R. Holland building now stands. Alison lived where one of the holes of the Dixie Red Hills Golf Course is now.

It wasn’t until they were both at Dixie College that Tom recalls seeing Alison for the first time.

“I still remember the day and time that I saw her, and it was amazing,” Tom said. “I had this overwhelming feeling that there was something important in this young lady.”

Although their first date did not go well for Tom, he mustered the strength to ask her out again. More dating led to Tom popping the question, but Alison had some misgivings.

“When Tom asked me to marry him, I told him that I wanted see the world before I get married,” Alison said. “He told me ‘If you marry me, I promise that I will show you the world’ and he’s certainly fulfilled that promise.”

McArthur Jewelers was opened when Tom was first born. While Tom and Alison were attending BYU for school, Tom’s father asked him to help out at the store one summer. That summer never ended as Tom continued to work at the store and eventually purchased it from his parents.

As their jewelry business began to grow along with the community, Tom was able to keep the promise he made to Alison. They traveled to Antwerp, Belgium one of the largest trading centers for in the world to purchase diamonds, and Bangkok, Thailand to pick out stunning sapphires and rubies. Tom said bringing home these gems felt more like bringing home family than simply beautifully cut minerals.

“The problem with with being a jeweler,” Tom explains. “Is that you buy these gems [and] they are like your children. You raise them up and then you have to sell them.”

They also ventured to Israel and picked up hitchhiking Israeli military men and women traveling to Jerusalem for passover. From Victoria, British Columbia to snorkeling in Belize, Tom has certainly taken the commitment he gave to Alison seriously.

Besides the adventures, Tom and Alison firmly remain committed to bring value to other people’s lives. Tom mentioned what he loved about being a jeweler is they were invited to participate in the most precious and important moments in a person’s life. Be it an engagement, anniversary, or a random act of love.

“I was always intrigued by the way the light hits a diamond,” Tom adds. “It’s actually invited into the diamond through the windows in the top and then it reflects around and bursts back out as a rainbow. What a great symbol of love, the light and color is.”

Not only is this a great way to describe a diamond, it seems an accurate analogy to apply to the McArthurs. They invite people into their lives with openness, and spray out integrity, warmth, and added value to their community and the many places they travel.